Monday, August 17, 2009

McKenzie River Mountainbike Campout

Vacation! Finally within my sights. I've been working my ass off seven days a week for the last month, and I'm right about to see the spoils of my work: Owen is going to be riding his pre-release bike (unpainted and in the form of a mountainbike), and I'll be getting to ride with some of my good friends in a completely relaxed environment. No phone, no computer, no work I could possibly do. When I get back, I'll have to start back up with the same ridiculous schedule through the end of September, so I'm going to do my best to get all the fun out in one go.
Today I put the finishing touches on Owen's frame: a seat stay bridge, brake bosses and cable stops. It's all brazing from here on out, which is somewhat relaxing to me. Much different, at least, than TIG welding, which puts me on edge knowing that whatever I do is pretty much final. Silver moves a little bit more slowly, and much more smoothly. There's not a lot of room for fixing little bobbles in a weld bead. And there's just something comforting about 'brushing' silver around with a cool blue flame. Very Bob Ross. Happy silver, happy fillets...
I'm not looking forward to packing, which I have to do Tuesday so that I can depart right after work on Wednesday -- after having gone home to pick up everything I will realize I forgot.

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