Sunday, May 3, 2009

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fri. 12:27 p.m.

I can't really believe this, but I'm blogging from the City Club meeting.

Today August saw his complete -- short of fenders -- bicycle...and didn't seem disappointed. Happily, the attendees of the program seemed to like it as well. I blush as I type, but somebody actually said that August's bike was his favorite on display. That made my day. I promise pictures soon.

I saw lots of pretty bikes today, and it was very nice to make introductions to a few builders I hadn't formally met: Greg of Milholland, Ken of Renovo, Ed of
Palmares, and Phillip of Metrofiets.

It's always great to catch up with my peers, but (as usual) I spend an hour in what seems like fifteen minutes. It never fails to make me giddy as a schoolgirl, and today especially.

Special thanks to Jordan for lending me a bike stand-y thing.

Show favorites!: the super purple grocery bike by Tony Pereira and Joseph Ahearne's four speed road commuter (with a subtle but SO hot paint job by Spectrum). I'm also not-so-strangely drawn to the Signal fork-mounted wine rack.

postscript. Mia Burke is both an amazing speaker and a wonderful advocate for efficient urban design and healthier communities. I wish I could list the innumerable accomplishments she has helped earn for non-motorized transportation. Apparently she's worked in 48 states and four countries and has been instrumental to the development of Portland's bicycle friendliness. And she's happy to tell you about it, eloquently and energetically.

My last week has been crazy stacked with work: building wheels, frame detailing, bike assembly. Then we add some shifts at the pub and a monthly inventory... This Sunday was supposed to be a 'me' day but, as it seems now, will be the day I do everything I didn't get done during the previous six.

THIS JUST IN: rain, shitty. I'd had visions of pink sparkling wine on the patio, potentially sunbathing in my panties (or maybe less). Perhaps a ride? A boy can hope.

maybe on Monday.

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