Wednesday, May 20, 2009


At this point in my life, I'm done thinking I should feel any different or older on this particular day. In fact, it feels quite ordinary, other than that I cleaned my room and did my laundry. And as happy as those things make me, I've still woken up with an awareness that I should have -- could have -- done more yesterday, the day before, this week. But that's normal. Soon I'll have a dull indifferent feeling, suspicious nothing will turn out how I want it (and yes, as I'm posting this I can confirm that is indeed my mood). On the bright side, I did eat breakfast today...or something like it: brownies and a little barley wine. Today will get better, I'm sure...and it really doesn't matter if it doesn't. It's just a day.
I am though excited to have a couple of beers at the B-Side with the good friends who are able to make it despite the short notice. If you didn't already get the invite: 632 E Burnside, 8:30ish. Maybe dancing later?

I'll leave you with this. It made me laugh, despite the mood.
Check out Republic -- and I shudder to call them -- Bicycles , where 'wasabi' isn't just something you put on your sushi and you can get something nice to accessorize your Ikea living room, library, garage, or beachfront seawall. I forget how I ran into this link, but I followed it and think it's funny. Check out those roller skates! ...and those top tube pads. If this is 'custom' and 'quality', I don't know what I've been wasting my time doing. I'm figuring I still have a job because Republic is back ordered...but I'm sweating. Not totally sure, but I think this is what BikeSnobNYC would classify as an indicator of the fixed gear apocalypse. Have a nice day.

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