Wednesday, June 3, 2009

a little shower

Weird, but I've been waiting for a little rain. It smells so nice now.

For the last two weeks it has felt like summer is here -- though I know it's not -- and I've been doing a good job of basking in it. Labor Day weekend I rode with a group of friends to Allie's birthday party in Brightwood. It was a fun group ride and just nice to be in the saddle for 40 miles under blue skies with a gentle breeze. Erik and I ran out of gears on the way down the hill to Alder Creek on HWY26. Hard charging!

Monday, we rode back on Marmot Road to avoid as much of 26 as possible without sacrificing convenience. That line afforded us some amazing climbs and descents on a ribbon of roadways tossed across ridge-lines, gullies, and pastureland. Again, some very fast descents.
After a short day of work on Tuesday I rode with Erik, Mike, and an Aussie named Jamie -- who sadly crushed his low spoke count wheel on a blistering descent down Cornell while on a portion of the de Ronde course. I think we'll be keeping this up on Tuesdays for a while if you wanna come join. Besides, it's cheaper, not flat, and more funner than PIR. Get in touch. We'd be happy to move the meeting spot around.

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